What are the new features in Android O? When will it be launched?

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Answered by Nicole Black

Android O - Developer Review

Android O Developer preview is out. Like last year, Google is releasing the developer preview, months ahead of the public roll out. Let’s check out the new features in Android O.


New Features


Battery Life




Extending battery life could be the first issue that Google might address in Android O release. In order to achieve this, Android O will be concentrating on background apps. This includes additional automatic limits on three main areas: implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates, as stated by Dave Burke, Android VP of engineering.


The developer preview version will help developers achieve optimal performance with these newly set limits of Android O.


Adaptive Icons


Google is allowing developers to make adaptive icons that will suit the screen theme. Adaptive icons can change the looks and shape dynamically depending on the user’s theme in the device. Whether this will be part of icon set or an integral part of the Android theme itself, is yet to be known.





As per Google images that surfaced online, the notifications in Android O will be very different. Instead of showing many notifications from the same app, separately, Android O will have a channel that groups notifications from the same app into one.


Further, in Android O, users can choose which applications need to be notified in the main panel and which can be notified via channel.


Another interesting option under the upcoming Android O notifications will be Snooze. Like emails, we can snooze the notifications so that they can appear at a later time or preset time.


High definition Audio


Unlike a few niche players like Sony, there hasn’t been focus on high definition audio among Android premium smartphones. With Android O, we can expect Google to offer high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs. Sony will be involved in development of LDAC wireless audio encoding format for Android O operating system. Hence, we can expect some great listening experience when playing music in Android O phones.


Other Noteworthy features


  • Multi-display support

  • Picture-to-picture (PiP) mode

  • Pop-up window for apps

  • Keyboard navigation improvements



The Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode is quite interesting where we can view a video and do some actions simultaneously, like we would while watching a video, minimizing it into bottom-right corner, while surfing for other videos to add in the playlist.


Compatible Devices


For instance, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel C can run the developer preview and the same may be applicable for the public version. At later months, Samsung and other manufacturers, may launch their own version of Android O.




Android O developer preview has provided a clear overview of the new features in the upcoming operating system.


Battery life and high definition audio codec are welcome moves, but when it comes to notifications, it can either be a hit or miss. We may not expect Google to release a public beta for Android O.


However, while more than half of Android phones running, don’t have Nougat yet, apart from Pixel and Nexus brands, Android O’s reach will be limited to a few premium smartphones. Expect Android O official public release in September 2017.

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Written 3 years ago
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