steps to consider when buying a printer?

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Answered by Gauri Garg

Things to consider when buying a printer- 3 basic steps


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The need of a printer is just a bandage, but selecting the right printer is the mummy of the whole process. Don't you think that the printer has a mind of its own? Whenever you need to print something important, it senses your urgency and stops working!

You have come to the right place to solve this minor concern of buying the most suitable printer for your home. Being aware of the minute characteristics, such as the ones mentioned below will help you in finding the printer that is the most suitable for you.



  • Determine the average number of pages that you will be printing per day. It will help in determining the type of printer you should opt for in order to optimize your cost per page. Then narrow down the list of your selected printers based on this criteria.
  • Figure out what sizes of paper you will be printing on.
  • Find out if you need high resolution printing or not. These days, almost all printers print good quality pages, but high resolution printing is majorly needed by designers, hence it is not a necessity.
  • Most printers work well on certain quality of white papers only. Hence, it is very important to be clear if the printer you are selecting requires high quality sheets that cost more or if the printer is compatible with the regular sheets without hindering the print quality.



Most people select the first printer that fits their budget. But later on find out that they are spending more on their printer than they are getting out of it. Sometimes, the inexpensive printers can be the most expensive ones in terms of running cost. So, it is absolutely necessary to check the following details-

  • Cartridge Cost- Find the cartridge costs of the top 3 printers that you have selected beforehand as they can add high overhead costs. Buying inexpensive duplicate inks is not the solution as it harms your printer to a great extent.
  • Easy product support- This is the most overlooked aspect when buying a printer. Sometimes, even with technical knowledge, the installation of a printer can be difficult. One might miss out small details and hence have difficulty in configuring the printer.

           Before buying a printer, find out what’s supported:

           a) Is phone/email support included?

           b) Does the technical support staff respond quickly?

           c) Are parts end-user replaceable? Do parts require a service technician to replace?



Sometimes we get so caught up in features and specifications that we forget the importance of usability. Having a printer that is easy to use means less frustration and troubleshooting. Ask these questions when trying to determine the ease of use:

  • Is the printer’s control panel easy to navigate through and understand?
  • Is the printer driver easy to setup and use?
  • Can you print using other mediums apart from wired connectivity with your computer? Like, e-mail printing and wireless printing.
  • Can you hit "Print" and walk away?


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Written 3 years ago
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