I like the camera quality of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, especially the wide angle lens. Can someone suggest an accessory for my iPhone 6s to achieve a similar camera capability?

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Answered by Carol Edwards

The last two iterations of iPhones, including the iPhone 7 Plus and the recently launched iPhone 8 Plus, have emphasized so much on camera quality. However, if you are perfectly happy with iPhone 6 or 6s and don’t want to upgrade just for the camera hardware alone, here’s a solution.

Moment is a company that manufactures lenses for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Devices. For iPhone 6 and 6s, it offers the following lenses:

  • New Tele Lens  ($99.99)

  • New Wide Lens ($99.99)

  • New Macro lens ($89.99)

  • Superfish lens ($89.99)

All the four lenses mentioned above, have original (previous generation) versions at $30 - $40 less price.

  • Original Tele Lens ($59.99)

  • Original Wide Lens ($59.99)

  • Original Macro Lens ($59.99)

  • Original Superfish Lens ( $59.99)

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Moment Photo Case

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Moment Photo Case with Lens attached

In order to mount and fit the lens to the iPhone 6/6s camera, we need to buy Moment Photo Case. It costs $29.99.

Let’s take the New Wide Lens as how it expands the capabilities of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S camera. As seen, without the wide lens, the photo does not cover the entire hallway. With the help of wide lens, it can capture more items within the frame.

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Image taken without Moment Wide lens 

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Image taken using Moment Wide lens

Apart from Apple iPhone 6/6S, the company provides lenses for the following smartphones:

Google Pixel

Google Pixel XL

iPhone X

iPhone 8 / iPhone 7

iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus

iPhone 5S / iPhone SE

iPhone 5c

iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S

Galaxy S8+

Galaxy S8

Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6

Galaxy S5

Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 3

Nexus 5

iPad Air 2 / iPad mini 4

iPad Air / iPad mini

Overall, if you are keen on photography but don’t want to upgrade the smartphone just for new camera hardware alone, the Moment Case and range of lenses, are a good solution.  
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Written 3 years ago
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