I have plans of buying CentraLite Azela Lamp Module? How is it?

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Answered by Janet Reynolds

What’s special about CentraLite Azela Lamp Module?

CentraLite Azela Lamp Module is an easy to install and cheap lamp module. It can be installed in existing lighting system. Lamp Module is an automation device that provides control for house’s lighting, which can be placed between any lamps of up to 300W and an outlet. The great part about this product is that it can work remotely and also with your ZigBee network in the home. This way it can be set to respond to schedules, alerts, and scenes.

Energy tracker!!!

This is a device which takes note of the real-time energy consumption and reports them to your ZigBee hub, so you would have a track of how your energy is being consumed. This way you would be able to make the necessary changes to reduce the power consumed by using custom scenes and rules.   

Use Azela, save money

Azela is a smart device that makes saving easy. You just fit this module with your lamps and you not only add the aesthetics of your home but also keep your lighting automated. Customize your lights according to your mood that day, like party mode or theater mode, the options are limitless. This can be used to have a schedule of when to keep the lights on or off and when to dim it. Did you know that dimming your lamps can save your electricity consumption up to 70%? It can be paired with door and motion sensors to switch off lights when the room is empty.

Their wonderful specifications are

  • The module is compatible with all ZigBee HA certified devices.

  • Supports up to 300W load.

  • Lamps that are supported by this module are Halogen, Dimmable LED, Dimmable CFL, and Incandescent.

  • A LED indicator to show the status.

  • A load controlling button.

  • Current-sensing feature to measure energy consumption.

  • Power failure backup.

How you can use Azela every day

Setting up scenes: Azela Lamp Module is a next step for automating your existing lightings by a cost-effective and simple method. It adjusts the dimming level of any dimmable lamps and can be used to set scenes through your ZigBee network, which enables you to create a scene for cooking, watching a movie, and even for sleeping.

Chasing burglars: This module uses custom schedules with which you can on and off lights, making the burglars think that you are awake and moving about.

Limitless customization:

It can be paired with door and motion sensor to detect when the room is empty to turn it off. It can be set to dim lights or turn on/off lights when you receive a message, weather change, and stock market changes.

Sleep tight:

You need not worry about your kid wanting to turn on the light the whole night. This lamp module fixes that problem as it can be paired with a motion sensor, which detects when no one is moving to turn off the lights.   

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Written 4 years ago
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