We help you in helping others!

The end result for us always has been happy and satisfied customers! make the world a happier and better place!

How do we help?

Self-help portal and services

In-app customer engagement

Workforce collaboration

Our help SDK for your app

All inclusive work console

Knowledge Base and Decision Trees

How does it work?

We have made it as simple as taking a cake walk! Setup your enterprise and get your own subdomain like example.jinigram.com

  • Integrate our help SDK with your app from any platform
  • Onboard your current employees to our portal or look for new ones with us
  • Engage your customers with our self-help services and knowledge base of FAQs
  • Provide instant in-app support to your customers with our console and your workforce
  • Onboard your workforce to our portal and setup their enterprise profiles
  • Help customers online to solve their problems and issues
  • Outsource your work force to other enterprises and vice versa
  • Create knowledge bases, decision trees and FAQs for other enterprises on a contract basis

Finally, get rewarded with happy customers, great money and good karma in the process

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Test our clear waters before you take a plunge!

Platforms which we support!

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